With all of the hype out there these days concerning social media, it’s easy to get confused on what your business should be doing and what’s just a waste of your time.  But what if you decide that you would like to get your business out there online, where do you start?  With hundreds of social media apps and websites out there right now, it’s hard to know which one will work for you – or is it?

One of the leading sites out there right now would definitely be Facebook, it’s definitely one of the most frequented and popular sites on the internet right now…and growing daily!  So why should you take the extra time and effort to get on Facebook?  Here’s just a few reasons how your business can prosper with this social media outlet!

1.  More than 1.15 billion Facebook users to date and 700 million of those are daily users – that’s a huge market!  Even if you’re a local company that only wants to reach your own area, you should know that most of the locals are on Facebook and looking for local businesses all the time.  Also, 50% of all social media users under the age of 35 follow their friends product and service recommendations, which gives you an ever growing list of potential clients! (all stats courtesy of Scott at Postplanner.com)

2.  It’s free to sign up!  Free marketing = good business!  There are paid programs and ways to “boost” your posts through Facebook, but for the most part it’s a completely free service that can only help in getting people to find you! Plus, it’s a great way to drive more traffic to your website! There’s just no down side here

3.  You can use Facebook to obtain the emails of your followers, which in turn gives you the opportunity to save them and send out newsletters to your new group of followers/future clients! Just one more way for you to connect with the local community and keep up with your clientele.

4.  You can even get your “stats” on Facebook to help you determine things like: which posts are the most popular, demographics of your followers, how many “likes” you have, etc. Free marketing PLUS stats to let you know how well you’re reaching prospective clients? Sold!

5.  You can use this medium to build up confidence in your company/brand by being consistent in posting, being relatable in the things that you post, and by keeping up with the comments that people are making by writing back within a relatively short amount of time.  Local companies that are doing the best with this are the ones that make it fun, post humorous or relatable content and consistently asking people for feedback to get the comments going.  A local company for us that is a perfect picture of great social media would be Cork Tyler, a local restaurant who is consistently posting pictures of their delicious food, funny quips for the day and always very interactive with their customers who comment.  They even send you a free drink coupon on your birthday – sounds like good marketing to me!

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